The Meander

It's been several months since a Meander. Rather than regale you with tales of other Meanderers who lost track of their schedules at various points through history (Odysseus, Tripitaka/Xuan-zang, and Moses are some of the best-known), allow me to instead present you with the Meander Schedule for 2002, as well as mention some other important festivities.

Elizabeth is hosting this year's Rudolph Party at the Meier Quagg on December 8th (you'll receive a separate invitation to that, or click here).

There will be the Winter Solstice gathering at the Quagg on the 21st. A separate email will follow on that as well.

The May 2001 Meander will need a leader, as I won't be available. Let me know if you're interested.

Phone in comments to 310.210.3347, meil 'em to the postal address skillfully concealed elsewhere on this page, or email 'em to

    All misspellings, misattributions, omissions or errors in naming should be construed as Acts of God, directed through yours truly (for reasons at which we as mere mortals may only guess...)