The Long Night's Meander / Rudolph Party

I think it's time to talk Tradition here. As you can see, we're not having the typical Long Night's Meander, and there are a couple of reasons...

Traditionally, the Long Night's Meander is in the cold and damp Winter months, often around the official first night of Winter itself. Traditionally, it has been too cold for most people, so it has always been a small event. Thus, last year, the tradition was born to have the Meander be around a fire down at Dockweiler beach.

Well, this year, we're trying a new tradition. Elizabeth's having her Traditional Rudolph Party on Sunday the 10th, so we'll be rolling the two events together. Meandering will occur spontaneously around the house and the yard concurrently with the Rudolph Party.

Please note carefully the unusual Time and Place!

Viewing Schedule
1 pm It's a Wonderful Life
3 pm Miracle on 34th Street
5 pm A Child's Christmas in Wales
6 pm The Snowman
7 pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Charlie Brown Christmas
8 pm Who Wants To Win A Big Basket of Stuff
9 pm A Christmas Story
Schedule subject to change due to sleepy children, rowdy adults, requests, or the whim of the hostess.

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