The Harvest Moon Meander

Well, Autumn's already in the air. It's not too unexpected, really; it's been predicted for weeks by the proliferation of the big spiders in the garden, the slight shift of late afternoon light towards yellow, not to mention the thinning of the page-a-day calendar. But now, there's a subtle chill coming into the evening air. It's no longer something easily explained away. Autumn's coming, and coming quickly.

But before we give up on Summer altogether, there's a ritual that must be performed. This year, it's been terribly neglected. Rather, through my negligence, it has remained unperformed. So this Saturday, we will remedy this tremendous oversight. Saturday, we will Meander Zuma.

Please plan to join us!

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  • excerpts from For Whom the Bell Tolls by Frank Muir and Dennis Norden from You Have My Word
  • excerpts from Events Schedule by Assorted from Burning Man 2005: Psyche
  • "Burning Man Stories" by Jeff
  • "Graces" by Various from Schott's Food Miscellany by Ben Schott
  • "Political Food Quotations" by Various from Schott's Food Miscellany by Ben Schott

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