The Thunder Moon Meander

Believe it or not (and I recommend not), July is the traditional month for telling shaggy dog stories. And not just on Meanders, mind you, but whenever possible.

So the pickle-maker is in a crisis -- the year has been a dry one, and, although cucumbers tend to be drought-resistant, the reservoir doesn't have enough water for him to make the brine. So he walks into the city, carrying a large empty vessel, with the hope of purchasing some brine there.

The pickle-maker goes from store to store, bazaar to bazaar, trying to buy brine, but has no luck until at the last shop on the last street of the city, he encounters a wizened old brine merchant.

"How much to fill my vessel with brine?" the pickle-maker inquires.

"Two hundred Euros," replied the brine merchant.

"Two hundred Euros? That's ridiculous! That's preposterous. That's worse than highway robbery!" exclaimed the pickle-maker.

"Ah, yes," replied the brine merchant, nodding. "But we all know that Dill Waters Run Steep."

See you at the Meander!

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