The Thunder Moon Meander

Thunder Moon ... what an evocative name. One of the few complaints I have about the weather in Los Angeles is that we don't get really good thunderstorms. Or at least that we get them very rarely.

I was recently in a little town in Bulgaria which is built in the confluence of two deep canyons; the main streets of this town are (usually) dry stream beds. During the night, a thunderstorm rolled in. Enormous amounts of energy discharged across the skies, and the thunder rolled down the canyons, echoing and gathering force like floods racing towards the ocean.

Of course, this being July, we had fireworks on the Fourth, and they were pretty nice. But it seems to me that a more appropriate celebration would be the unleashing of a full thunderstorm, and let that Thunder Moon roar!

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Leader Ani reports: We enjoyed about a mile-and-a-half hike down into Sullivan Canyon, which provided a more richly vegetated earth to hike through -- more of a camping feeling than simply hiking through.
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