The Flower Moon Meander

Longtime and loyal Meanderers Susan and Adam have volunteered to lead the Flower Moon Meander this month, as I will not be in town. For directions, please see below. It promises to be a Fine Evening!

Instead of the usual Maunderings, I am holding a contest. Winners will not only have their names immortalized on this very site, but will receive a Pint of their very favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!(*)

The contest is to write a Limerick on one (or more) of the following subjects:

  • Life in Los Angeles
  • The Movies
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Tomato Juice

The traditional form of a Limerick is five lines, with the first, second, and fifth lines all rhyming, and the third and fourth rhyming. The traditional form is also strict that lines 1, 2, and 5 must have three metric feet, while 3 and 4 have two metric feet; further, it's stipulated that the metric feet are anapests (but iambs are occasionally allowed). We're not about rules here, though, so I won't be pedantic about the structure.

To enter, click here: Meander Contest Number 1 (The URL is for those of you reading this on paper).

Prizes will be awarded to the authors of the three best answers. The contest ends on June 10th.

In a totally unrelated direction... For those of you who haven't yet been shown more pictures of Nepal than you'd ever wanted, you can view pictures from the great March trek:

(*) Why Ben & Jerry's? No, they're not sponsoring the Meander... but they're a great, progressive company, and it's a prize that will probably motivate some of you to actually enter!

Phone in comments to 310.210.3347, meil 'em to the postal address skillfully concealed elsewhere on this page, or email 'em to

  • excerpts from How to Jump from a moving Car by Joshua Priven from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
  • excerpts from Therapy by David Lodge
  • excerpts from How To Field a Difficult Question by unknown from a Diamond Brochure
  • excerpts from What a Man shoudl know about Childbirth by unknown from a Diamond Brochure
  • excerpts from Acquainted With the Night by Lynn Saville
  • excerpts from Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

All misspellings, misattributions, omissions or errors in naming should be construed as Acts of God, directed through yours truly (for reasons at which we as mere mortals may only guess...)