The Grass Moon Meander

April 23rd is a date extraordinarily rich in cultural history. Not only is it the "traditional" birthday for William Shakespeare, but, in 1597, it is the day of the first performance of his play The Merry Wives of Windsor. It was the birthday of painter William Turner, actor/diplomat Shirley Temple, and singer/songwriter Roy Orbison . You might think this is as much culture as can be crammed into a single day, oh, but you'd be wrong, my friend, oh so wrong. For, in fact, it was on this day in 1956 that Elvis Presley first performed in Las Vegas.

Rhetorically, I ask you: what could be a better way to celebrate all these artistic and intellectual events than to go Meandering?

Due to continuing construction and messiness on PCH, we'll probably do the same walk as last month, i.e., Mandeville Canyon/Westridge. That is, if it's not raining. Raining??? Yup, they're claiming a 40% chance of showers. I'll see it when I believe it. In any case, rain always means a Livingroom Meander.

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