The Grass Moon Meander

Triumphant Return of the Meander!

As you're probably aware (and despite some heroic efforts by Matt Tyler), the Meander has spent much of 2000 in a moribund state of non-activity. We could conveniently blame it on the weather, the market conditions, or even a sad case of Malibu lassitude. We could point to busy schedules and conflicting events. We could say it was in the stars. We could describe the energies diverted by Primary Elections, or the time dedicated to discussing Clinton's visit to the Asian subcontinent. We could probably trace ultimate responsibility to the Liberal Press, or the Republican Party.

But let us not enumerate the dreary calculus of unmotivated, unfulfilled unmeandering, though, because in case of fact, the lack of Meanders has been due to one simple truth: there have not yet been any Truly Full Moons yet in 2000.

"What?" I can hear some of you exclaim skeptically. "No full moons?"

I must freely admit that there have been some fine moons this year, including some that have been quite pleasingly plump and round. But, were you to have looked as closely as I, you should have seen the truth of my assertions that they just weren't quite full. Close, I'll allow; but off by just a smidge, every one of 'em.

I daren't even begin to speculate as to the cause of this shocking development. But, as good fortune smiles upon us, I can see that this month we'll have a fine and completely Full Moon. Please join me in celebrating this!

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April's Meander was up above Mandeville Canyon, past the end of Westridge Road.
  • excerpts from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand( a soliloquey on Money)
  • "Dry Winter" by Ani Nicole
  • "I Need a Lover who won't Drive Me Crazy" by Ani Nicole
  • "The Cat Incident" by Ani Nicole
  • excerpts from Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
  • "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess
  • "Are you Lost Angeles?" by Francis Della Vecchia was performed by Francis Della Vecchia

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