The Hunger Moon Non-Meander

So I hear a lot of rumblings. "Are you still doing that hike thing? That moon ramble or whatever it was called?"

Well, yeah, I guess I'm somewhat remiss in the scheduling department. But then, the Universe hasn't exactly been cooperating either. Take, for example, this Saturday. Yeah, they're predicting rain. And even if the rain doesn't come, you can't very well get into Malibu because the roads are closed and the hills are sliding and you'd have to hike in the mud even if you could get there.

So, in an act of petty rebellion, we can gather anyway. There'll be a fire in the fireplace, and we can sit around and reminisce about the old days when this was the desert and the rains never stayed for long. Then, we can complain about the kids these days and the noise they listen to, and we can try to remember how we used to hike around on the Saturday closest to the full moon back in our collectively mis-spent youth. We can try to recapture the magic of those long lost days, and share snacks and a bottle of wine, tell each other stories, and maybe read some poetry. Whaddaya say?

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