The Hunger Moon Meander

It starts with a funny look.
"So, uh," the person will begin. "Are you still doing those Moonlight Meander hikes?"
There tends to be one of two subtexts going here: the first asking whether I'm still the person's friend or if I've silently removed them from the mailing list, the second asking what the hell is the matter with me -- it's been months since the last Meander.

So, just for the record: I'm still your friend, and, well, there's no simple answer for question number two. I can offer some good excuses, if you'd like. The stars were in incorrect alignment, after all. We had to purge the terrorists from our ranks. I was researching the ramifications of October only having 21 days back in 1582. The Gostak wasn't distimming the Doshes. The moon was too busy cutting a deal in Hollywood for faking some more landings. The voices said it was a bad month for Meandering. I was committed to taping back together all those shredded Enron documents. My dog ate the invites. Uh, I mean my cat. Yeah, my cat ate them. Oh, and I was abducted by aliens, anyway.

In any case, all those things are pretty much taken care of. Barring some unforseen event, we'll be having a Meander on the 23rd.

So there.

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