The Wolf Moon Meander

Each year, according to measurements of tidal acceleration, the rotation of the Planet Earth slows, and each day is longer by around 15 microseconds. While the exact lengthening of the day varies by tiny fractions, by and large, this phenomenon is well understood and documented in the annals of astrophysics and orbital mechanics.

What is less well understood is that, since sometime around 1975, time itself has been accelerating. While empirical measures require sophisticated equipment and expansive budgets, you might find that subjective measure provides all the proof you need. For example, recall the length of a Summer's Day back in 1976, and compare it to the passing of a week today. A committee of illustrious scientists and philosophers, when asked to comment on the phenomenon, were only willing to go on record with a wistful "Ah, yes. Just keeps going faster, doesn't it?"

In any case, before the moment passes, please consider joining us on the Meander, this coming Saturday.

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