The Wolf Moon Meander


Well, in the past year, the "Meander Ratio" was a meager and hardly worthy 50%, which is to say I only managed to get it together half the time and actually hold a Meander. Assuming there's interest, I'll try to do better this year. If you want to show interest, please send me any suggestions you have for improving things (other than having them in the first place). I'm also looking for people to join me on recon missions to try to identify other good hikes...

Examining the schedule, you'll note that there are more opportunities to have Meanders this year, since there's a Blue Moon in October. Yup, Halloween not only falls on the night of the full moon, but it's a Blue Moon to boot. Be on the lookout for an unusual quantity of werewolf costumes this year. Or maybe they're not costumes? I've added the actual date of the full moon in parenthesis to the schedule, not to add confusion, but to give you an idea of how bright the moon should be. The rule of thumb is that each night the moon rises an hour later than it did the night before. On the night of the full moon, the moon rises at the same time as the sun sets. So for a Meander one day before the full moon, the moon will rise an hour before sun down. Likewise, a Meander three days after the full moon will be graced by a dramatic moon-rise three hours after sunset.

As for the September 29/October 6th Meander, I'll accept votes, and have it on the most popular date. If no-one responds, I'll flip a coin or something.

Also, this year, we'll start meeting at the Meier Quagg instead of the Sunnyside Asylum. See below for directions, if you need them.

Phone in comments to 310.210.3347, meil 'em to the postal address skillfully concealed elsewhere on this page, or email 'em to

We went on a chilly hike up Westridge Road. It was a hike of mysteries and discoveries: we encountered four Great Horned Owls at the trailhead, we heard the howling of coyotes, and we finally found the moon, rising like a great orange fireball in an unexpected direction. Then some of us returned to the Quagg for a fire and some reading.
  • excerpts from Holes by Louis Sachar
  • "Rock, Paper, Scissors" by Jon Scieszka from Squids Will Be Squids
  • "Deer, Mouse, Rabbit, Squid" by Jon Scieszka from Squids Will Be Squids
  • "Toast & Fruit Loops" by Jon Scieszka from Squids Will Be Squids
  • "Termite, Ant, and Echidna" by Jon Scieszka from Squids Will Be Squids

All misspellings, misattributions, omissions or errors in naming should be construed as Acts of God, directed through yours truly (for reasons at which we as mere mortals may only guess...)