The Wolf Moon Meander

Well, here we are in the future. Hope you're having fun.

As you might have noticed, the Meander site is featuring some new stuff. Fergzample, if you click on the date of a hike, you'll get to a page detailing where the hike will be. This is important for months like January, when I won't be able to lead the Meander. If I can't find a leader, it'll be noted on the site, and you can all gather at the trailhead and carry on as usual.

At last moment, Matt Tyler graciously offered to lead the Meander. Please gather at his apartment: 7406 1/2 Arizona Ave in Westchester (Near the Howard Hughes Parkway offramp at the 405). If you need directions, call him at 310-338-0353.

Phone in comments to 310.210.3347, meil 'em to the postal address skillfully concealed elsewhere on this page, or email 'em to

Despite Matt Taylor's heroic efforts, the January Meander didn't materialize...

    All misspellings, misattributions, omissions or errors in naming should be construed as Acts of God, directed through yours truly (for reasons at which we as mere mortals may only guess...)