Description: This is a nice, relatively short hike that takes you across the ridge of the Santa Monica mountains, and ends up at the foundation of a no-longer-extant observation tower. The foundation provides a decent sitting point, as well as a very nice view of Topanga Canyon and portions of the Valley.

Follow the trail from the trailhead shown in the map below. As the fire-road rises, it curves gently off to the right. After a short ways, there is a branching point. Follow the trail to the left; the right will take you to a restricted area full of antennas (according to Hiking Trails of the Santa Monica Mountains by Milt McAuley, it's an out of service military facility).

Now the road winds out down along a flanking ridge, and levels out. The very end is a short scramble up a steep hill to the foundation itself.

How to get there: From Samuel's House:

Take Meier South to Venice
Turn Right on Venice
Turn Right on Lincoln Blvd, and drive above five miles North
Turn Left onto the Pacific Coast Highway onramp
Go North on PCH for 9 miles
Turn Right onto Las Flores Canyon Road
Follow the twisty Las Flores Canyon Road 3.5 miles to Rambla Pacifico
Turn Right onto Rambla Pacifico
Turn Right onto Schueren Road
Drive about 2 miles, park on the side of the road after Schueren merges with Saddle Peak Road.

From the Valley:
Take the 101 to Calabasas
Take the Valley Circle Blvd offramp, exit towards Mulholland
Turn Left of Valley Circle Blvd
(Valley Circle will become Mulholland Drive after about half a mile)
Turn Right onto Valmar
(Valmar will become Old Topanga Canyon Rd after about a mile)
Turn Right onto Mulholland Highway
Turn Left onto Stunt Road
Park on the side of the road after Stunt Road becomes Saddle Peak Road (about four miles).

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Notes: We have on several occasions run into drumming circles up here, and merged events.